Effortless Online Privacy Protection.

Block the web's prying eyes. Stop cyber stalking.
Eliminate cookies, trackers and digital fingerprinting.
With PrivatizeMe for Windows PCs and Macs.

Why Should You Care?

Nothing online is private.

Private Browsing, Incognito Mode and Do Not Track features do not stop trackers.

Cross domain tracking and profiling by untrusted websites happens every time you browse. Your profile determines not just which ads follow you but what content you see and the “upcharge” you pay.

Now imagine employers, insurance companies or identity thieves getting hold of your profile!

PrivatizeMe technology guards your privacy; prevents untrusted sites from tracking you and stops targeted phishing exploits by identity thieves.

PrivatizeMe AntiTracking App Dashboards for Macs and Windows PCs

How it works

Cookies, hidden code and scripts placed by visited sites and their ad partners (cross domain infiltration) constantly track your online activity.

Ad platforms also target you based on your device’s “digital fingerprint”.

PrivatizeMe’s  containerization and tracker clearing technologies eliminates website and cross domain trackers from untrusted sites and our fingerprint changer thwarts fingerprint based tracking.

PrivatizeMe Anti-Tracking for Windows  eliminates trackers without getting in your way or changing your browsing experience.  Privatizeme provides Effortless Privacy Protection!

What Makes Us Different Than All the Other Privacy Solutions Out There?

You're protected, not profiled, it's simple - no ever changing opt-in or opt-out rules or privacy settings to worry about. All this without changing your online experience.

Experience Browsing As Usual

Without having to change how you browse and search.

Automatically Block Tracking

Defeat cookies, fingerprinting and cross domain tracking. Better than ad blockers, blocks trackers not site access.

You Are In Control

Select your own trusted sites.

Effortless Privacy Protection

PrivatizeMe works transparently in the background.

Thwarts Fingerprint Based Tracking

Digital Fingerprint Changer technology periodically changes the fingerprint of your device.

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