CISOs: Keep targeted malware off your network!

Stop cyber stalkers from tracking and targeting your employees.
Eliminate risk of employees inadvertently injecting targeted malvertising exploits into your network.

Why Should You Care?

Reality: despite corporate firewalls and policies, it is inevitable that your employees will surf the net at work, home and on public networks, be tracked and targeted with malvertisements and bring malware into your corporate network.

Ransomware and malware exploits could cripple your business operations for weeks.

Cyber stalkers are getting more sophisticated — instead of using a spray and pray approach to spread phishing exploits via email, attackers are now targeting individuals based on their online profiles and leading them to sites with customized malware laden content as well as through targeted malvertising using traditional ad platforms.

PrivatizeMe AntiTracking App Dashboards for Macs and Windows PCs

How it works

PrivatizeMe’s “Effortless Privacy Protection” defeats attempts by cyber stalkers to invade your employee’s online privacy without changing the way they browse.  With such protection from being stalked, digital fingerprinted and profiled,  your employees cannot be targeted with spear phishing exploits and malvertisements or be led to targeted watering holes laden with malicious malware.  CISOs can now deploy our solution across their organizations to every employee’s Windows PC or Mac and in turn protect their network.  

PrivatizeMe Anti-Tracking stops cyber stalking by untrusted websites/bad actors while employees browse at work, home or on unsecured public networks.  It prevents targeting of employees by malvertisements and phishing exploits and keeps such malware off your corporate network.  

What Makes Us Different Than Anti-Virus or Ad Blocking Solutions?

AntiVirus or Ad Blockers are analogous to bedroom windows that stop intruders. PrivatizeMe is analogous to blinds on windows– it blocks voyeurs from taking pictures of you in the bedroom.

Most AntiVirus solutions remove known threats after the threat lands on a machine. They are not good at removing zero day exploits or sleeper malware. PrivatizeMe keeps such targeted threats from getting to your machine/network in the first place.

Employees Experience Browsing As Usual

Your employees are protected, not profiled, it’s simple – no ever changing opt-in or opt-out rules or privacy settings to worry about. All this without changing their online experience. Your employees will thank you for deploying PrivatizeMe!

Automatically Blocks Cyber-stalkers from Tracking & Profiling of Employees

Effortless Privacy Protection includes scheduled tracker elimination (every few hours or once a day) or real time elimination of cross domain trackers – it your choice. Our digital fingerprinting works continually.  Better than ad blockers, blocks trackers not site access.

You Are In Control

Lets employees and system administrators select their own trusted sites and implement/ enforce tracker elimination policies across the company.

Effortless Privacy Protection for employees and Reduced Attack Surface for Target Malware on your Network!

PrivatizeMe works transparently in the background on employee PCs and Macs – defeating trackers and profilers that are used by ad platforms and cyber stalkers to inject targeted malware to cause harm to the enterprise network.

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